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Give us a call to sign up for an upcoming test.  417.448.7416

Thank you for attending our Spring Bull Sale on March 25, 2019 1:00 p.m.

Calves need to be weaned two weeks prior to delivery with at least one round of shots.  Delivery can be made up to two weeks prior to starting date.  Call us with your participation and arrival intentions.

"Only the best pass the test"  417.448.7416

Individual Feed Efficiency Monitored using GrowSafe Technology at the bunk

Test Start Date      Bull Calf Age Parameters

Spring Test Starts     - June 1 for bulls born: Aug, Sept, Oct previous year
Summer Test Starts  - July 1 for bulls born:  Nov and Dec previous year
Fall Test Starts          - Oct 1 for bulls born:  Jan, Feb, March 1-15
Late Fall Test             - Dec 1 for bulls born:  March 16-31, April, May 2019