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Nevada, Missouri
"Only the best pass the test"
WELCOME to Green Springs Bull Test a privately owned test facility established in 1999. Located in Southwest Missouri.  Owner/Manager Kent Abele says "The bull test is especially intended to benefit breeders who desire to improve their genetics and to offer for sale in March and November of each year the purebred bulls that pass the test.
Both commercial cattlemen and purebred breeders are provided the most bull selection data available in the industry.

Performance data on the standard 120 day test includes:
  •   ADG...Average Daily Gain
  •   WDA...weight per day of age
  •   Birthweight, weaning weight, EPD's, yearling weight and
  •  genetic lineage is also provided to assist potential buyers in selecting a Green Springs Performance Tested Bull.

  Ultrasound data includes:  
  • REA...ribeye area
  •   IMF...intermuscular fat
  •   Backfat thickness

During each handling period the bulls are all screened for disposition. Only the easily handled bulls stay in the test.

  •   Frame scores,
  •   Scrotal circumference,
  •   Pelvic measurements, and
  •   Breeding soundness exam results
We would like to extend an invitation for you to participate in our upcoming bull performance tests. We take your weaned calves keep them for approximately 120 days, sort them into large pens with contemporaries and feed and care for them while they mature.

During this period of time they are fed a growing ration to allow them to develop to their full genetic potential. The staff at GSBT works with them daily to monitor feed intake, disposition, and health. As the test progresses your bulls will be scanned to determine rib eye area, intermuscular fat, rib fat, and back fat. As the test closes out your bulls will also be given a breeding soundness exam which includes semen evaluation, frame score, and pelvic and scrotal measurements.

 At the end of the test each of your bulls will have feed intake data shown as a residual feed intake figure and dry matter conversion. This can help you determine the worthiness of your current sire(s). Other valuable data we collect on your bulls are weight per day of age and average daily gain. All bulls receive a ranking within breed groups. This data can help you sell your bulls and can assist in analyzing your breeding program.

In today’s society where there are more tree huggers and government requirements prompting the cowman to prove sustainability it is vital we have data to prove the efficiency of our herd. Animals that require less feed and produce less gas are & will be more valuable. Don’t get caught empty handed, let us help provide data about your cattle genetics.

And as a hidden value leaving your young bulls with us frees up your pastures and your time and keeps your repair costs down!

We would be glad to visit with you more in detail about our program. Just give us a call or stop in if you happen to be traveling near Nevada, Mo.​
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"If we are not currently evaluating the trait you need, let us know!"
Age advantaged and yearlings. All PI tested, all Trich tested, all performance and efficiency tested.  
Nov 20, 2017 1:00 p.m.
Green Springs Bull Test Sale, Nevada, MO. Here at the Green Springs Sale Facility. Three Cedars Event Center 24327 E Old Town Rd Nevada, MO 61772

"Only the best pass the test"