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WELCOME to Green Springs Bull Test a privately owned test facility established in 1999. Located in Southwest Missouri.  Owner/Manager Kent Abele says "The bull test is especially intended to benefit breeders who desire to improve their genetics and to offer for sale in March and November of each year the purebred bulls that pass the test.

Both commercial cattlemen and purebreed breeders are provided the most bull selection data available in the industry.

Performance data on the standard 112 day test includes:
  •   ADG...Average Daily Gain
  •   WDA...weight per day of age
  •   Birthweight, weaning weight, EPD's, yearling weight and
  •  genetic lineage is also provided to assist potential buyers in selecting a Green Springs Performance Tested Bull.

  Ultrasound data includes:  
  • REA...ribeye area
  •   IMF...intermuscular fat
  •   Backfat thickness

During each handling period the bulls are all screened for disposition. Only the easily handled bulls stay in the test.

  •   Frame scores,
  •   Scrotal circumference,
  •   Pelvic measurements, and
  •   Breeding soundness exam results  
"If we are not currently evaluating the trait you need, let us know!"
Do you have all the tools you need to compete with the largest seed stock producers in the world?   I am talking about the guys that have not only thousands of cows and thousands of acres and produce hundreds of bulls per year, but I am also talking about the producers that keep performance records in detail on every bull they raise.  Everything from weaning weights and yearlings weights, to ultrasound data, hip heights, average daily gains and scrotal measurements.  Do you have the time and the means to do all that?  Do you have the technology available to keep detailed feed intake records on all the bulls you performance test?  Do you actually performance test all the bulls you produce?

If you could have all this done at a cost that is often less than what you can feed your bulls at home, would you?  If you could have precise feed intake and efficiency data on every bull and access to data that even most if the "BIG" producers don't have, would you be interested?  If you had a way to compare your bulls to bulls of the same breed, from other breeders on a level playing field and get an idea of how your genetics stack up, would you take a second look?   

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Our Bull Test Sale is March 23, 2015  Call us for information and add your name to the mailing list for our catalog.  Once again Don Birk Enterprises video taped the bulls for you.  Auction held at the MO-KAN Livestock Auction,7133 NE Business Loop, Butler, MO 64730