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Green Springs Bull Test is a privately owned test facility established in 1999. Located in Southwest Missouri.

Owner/Manager Kent Abele says "The bull test is especially intended to benefit breeders who desire to improve their genetics and to offer for sale in March and November of each year the purebred bulls that pass the test.

Both commercial cattlemen and purebreed breeders are provided the most bull selection data available in the industry.

Performance data on the standard 112 day test includes:
  •   ADG...Average Daily Gain
  •   WDA...weight per day of age
  •   Birthweight, weaning weight, EPD's, yearling weight and
  •  genetic lineage is also provided to assist potential buyers in selecting a Green Springs Performance Tested Bull.

  Ultrasound data includes:  
  • REA...ribeye area
  •   IMF...intermuscular fat
  •   Backfat thickness

During each handling period the bulls are all screened for disposition. Only the easily handled bulls stay in the test.

  •   Frame scores,
  •   Scrotal circumference,
  •   Pelvic measurements, and
  •   Breeding soundness exam results  

"If we are not currently evaluating the trait you need, let us know!"
"Next test session begins June 2014 for the Fall 2013 bull calves."  Give us a call. 
Kent's Spring 2014 Letter  Welcome and Usual Mussings 
  It’s been a long and cold winter and it’s a good thing that feed is cheaper because we have sure used a lot of it. I am glad that we are seeing signs that spring is just around the corner and grass is on the way.
  One can’t argue that the cattle market has moved into new territory, but I can’t help but wonder how long it will last and really how profitable we all are with production costs at their current level. I have no doubt that the ones that survive in the end, will still have to be low cost producers. The world around us is changing , like it or not, and in the end the beef industry will not only have to be sustainable but will have to be able to compete with other high quality protein sources in the market. My biggest concern for us right now is that at some point we will move past the price level that the consumer is willing to buy our product. There is no doubt that consumers prefer the taste of beef, it all comes down to whether or not they can afford the taste of beef.
  To that end we must continue efforts to provide our product more efficiently. Everything from grazing systems, genetics, carcass improvement and feed efficiency along with improved feeding and harvest systems can all play a part in beef becoming more competitive with other protein sources.
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